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Default Paris by night - France

Actually I love not only Paris but also Strasbourg and Colmar, if you could
that one day the whole world would say you thanks!

I found a few links on the Internet, not so many, but with very nice photos.
Although all they are truncated, just a few are large but the quality is far
from good.

Does anybody in this newsgroup have any good photos from these cities?

Just D.

"tom" wrote in message
"Just D" a écrit dans le message de news:
Nice photos, remind me my working trip there over 10 years ago. Is there
any way to get these pictures for my private review? It would be nice to
have this collection... Also are you having similar for Strasbourg?

Just D.

Thanks for comment,
I don't have for Strasbourg.
It is my first series of night.
For the moment, the series is incomplete and I prefer not too much not to
diffuse these pictures. Soon perhaps. Thank you for the interest