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Default Paris by night - France

"John McWilliams" a écrit dans le message de news:

Tres bien fait. Nice job, and thanks for posting the links. Of course, I
was half expecting the notorious young woman of same name, but was
pleasantly surprised.

Is there any exposure info on your site? Could you state a bit what speed,
ISO, aperture you used?

Un tripod, non?

John McWilliams


All the photographs were taken on "tripod" (? I don't kown how to write
in English),
- Nikon D200,
- 100 ISO,
- shutter speed 10 to 30 seconds,
- aperture 14 to 20,
- Sigma 70/200 f/2,8 and Sigma 18/50 f/2,8
- and Nikon Capture NX

(enlever nopub pour m'écrire)