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Default eseco compumaster...HELP!

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"DNT" wrote:

thanks Greg, It's the end of the film that is exposed to light that is
brown instead of black. The info about weak developer is helpful,
My question about the densitometer was referring to the device itself.
Right now I use it to read my paper tests, but I don't know how to
switch the densitometer to the film reading mode. The buttons on the
unit are as follows: 2 rows of 3, and 1 row of 2. Starting at the upper
left button the buttons are labeled- select filter, zero, cal,
EP2/RA4, C-41, printer control, read/enter, reset. I know the film
process is C-41, so I assume I would press that button, but after that
I have no idea.
Greg "_" wrote:

If you call Eseco they can provide a manual for many older densitometers.
Should be able to find via Googling.

That said: & based on my TR30 I believe the round black knob(s) on the
specific probe turns the probe on or off. (Only based on another model
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