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Default eseco compumaster...HELP!

"DNT" wrote in message
thanks Greg, It's the end of the film that is exposed to light that is
brown instead of black. The info about weak developer is helpful,
My question about the densitometer was referring to the device itself.
Right now I use it to read my paper tests, but I don't know how to
switch the densitometer to the film reading mode. The buttons on the
unit are as follows: 2 rows of 3, and 1 row of 2. Starting at the upper
left button the buttons are labeled- select filter, zero, cal,
EP2/RA4, C-41, printer control, read/enter, reset. I know the film
process is C-41, so I assume I would press that button, but after that
I have no idea.
Greg "_" wrote:
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"DNT" wrote:

Can anyone tell me how to use my densitometer to read film?

D-max up to 3.0 (Although no one in their right mind cooks film this
dense) D-min .15 maybe as low as .07 for clear developers.

If not, Can
you tell me what would make the base of the film be lighter than it
should be? The end of the film is in the light before processing. It is
usually black after processing. Now it's brown. The odd thing is, one
roll will look good, then the next one will look really weak and the
exposed tab will be brown. Does it sound like under replenishment, or
over replenishment? Or maybe it's weak developer? I use an Agfa msc 101
minilab machine, by the way. thanks

The base of unexposed film is supposed to be clear. If your getting
"brown" fully exposed areas the developer is A) Too weak or B) the
transport speed is set too fast.
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What brand and model is your densitometer? Since you already use it to read
prints, it is a "reflection" densitometer; that is, it shines a light on the
paper and reads the light reflected from the paper to the sensor. To read
film, you need a "transmission" densitometer that shines a light thru the
film to the sensor. Does your dens. have a switch to change from one to the

Have you done a web search on the make and model? You may be able to find
online instructions.

Ken Hart