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nick c
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Jeremy Nixon wrote:
nick c wrote:

No Jeremy, I think now, Floyd has a good prospective of the evolutionary
process that has overtaken the English language. The language itself is
no longer subject to exclusive overview by proponents of the Oxford
dictionary, so to speak. Those that may be offended by the use of jargon
as speaking aides may well find that to be a problem they have created
unto themselves.

I have no problem at all with jargon; I'm a big fan of slang; and I think
it's a good thing that the language is not set in stone. What I don't
much like is the fact that I honestly, as I type this, don't know whether
you meant "prospective" or "perspective", given that 9 times out of 10
that you see the former, the person really meant the latter.

"Perspective" is de word.