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Common use makes it "correct", and indicates the language has

No. The popularity of some misusage does not automatically make it
as you seem to believe. Look in any authoritative dictionary that has
notes, and you will find misusages that have enjoyed great popularity for
many, many years and are just still as wrong as they ever were.

So just show us examples... ;-)

I'll do better than that. I'll direct you to an excellent dictionary which
is just loaded with extensive usage notes, and you can while away many a
pleasant hour reading them: The American Heritage Dictionary of the English
Language, Third Edition. (I think there's a later edition now.) This is the
real big one, not the desk dictionary.

Even quicker, do a Google search on "misused words." You'll find several
lists, some of the words real oldies, still often misused. Wrong for years,
still wrong today, and they'll still be wrong in years to come. In most
cases the wrongness is in stylistic usage rather than definition, but the
principle is the same. Popularity of usage does not automatically confer