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Default how to put the border around a headshot?

"J C" wrote in message
On Thu, 8 Jan 2004 18:44:16 -0800, "M77" wrote:

uh, no. it's always been ppi. maybe YOU just recently discovered dpi


Uh NO, it is not. Check this out. Scanner manufacturers list the specs
of their equipment in terms of DPI.

Here's just one example:

didn't look at the link, but some manufacturers have decided to use the term
'dpi' incorrectly, only because retards like you don't know the difference.

Get a clue. Only twits in newsgroups think it is worth arguing the
distinction between dpi and ppi.

because there is a big difference. you can argue all you want, but you'll
still be wrong.

What? You don't see dots on your computer screen? Then you're not
using a magnifying glass or must have it turned off, cause they are

WRONG MORON!!! your monitor is made of pixels, not dots.

By the way, I reviewed your comments. Do you realize that you've
actually added absolutely no technical knowledge to this thread. I can
only conclude that you must be lying about working with images
professionally. But then again I've encountered professional photogs
that don't even know what a CMYK image is... so if you are a pro you
can take comfort in knowing that you're not alone in your stupidity.

and i suppose you want your lab to output a cmyk file on their frontier?
you are the poster-child for retardation. congrats.