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Default Basketball and other sports...

"Allen" wrote:
John Turco wrote:
"David J. Littleboy" wrote:
Oh, heavens, I'd never say something nasty like that. I'm a _proper_

You and your fellow "proper Bostonians" can celebrate the Celtics' 17th
NBA championship, after Tuesday night's (6-17-08) annihilation
of the Los Angeles Lakers, 131-92.

Not from Boston, but I loved watching every minute of the utter rout, in
lovely, High Definition resolution. :-P

John Turco

I was very impressed with the Celtics in this game.

As someone who has never played any sport other than ping ping and bowling,
my name really shouldn't be on a Celtics thread. It just ain't right.

David J. Littleboy
Tokyo, Japan