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Sean Ras
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Default Canon EOS 10D sync polarity

I have trouble getting my Canon EOS 10D to properly fire my White Lightning
X1600 via the PC sync cable. White Lightning tech support believes it may be
because the sync polarity of the cord is center positive while the EOS 10D
PC connection might be negative. Does anyone know the sync polarity of the
EOS 10D? I can't find that info anywhere. This is a description of my
I just purchased an X1600 and I'm having trouble with the unit firing
sometimes. I use a Canon EOS 10D or a Mamiya C330f to shoot. Sometimes, the
X1600 will not flash when I have the sync cord attached to my camera or
flash meter (Minolta Autometer IVf). Suddenly, the flash will begin to fire
and everything starts working fine. I'm not using any different settings on
the camera from the time the flash doesn't respond to the time it does
respond. My best guess is that there is a problem with the sync cord so I'm
going to purchase a new one as soon as I get the chance. Are there any other
things I could check that could possibly cause this type of problem? Thanks
for your help.