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Default QUESTION: Leaky ikelite underwater housing

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My concern with with the new housing owned for slightly over a
week...used on 7 or so dive...and had a condensation problem 4 times.

You did not address my first point- opening the housing in high
humidity environment. I try and never open my housing unless I am in an
air conditioned environment. Opening the housing in high humidity,
closing it up and then diving with it will cause the humidity to
condensate in the housing from the cooler surrounding water.

I am "hoping" that this is what the problem is (atmospheric as opposed
to a true leak). I will apply this advice in the future about being
aware of the conditions when and where I load the camera into the

Thanks again for the advice!!

If that is the problem then it is probably the easiest to fix. Either
close your camera in an air conditioned environment, or put dissicant
(moisture absorbing packs) in the housing.

One thing you can try. Removed the camera from the housing and fold
several light blue or light brown paper towels and put them in the
housing. Take the housing to depth. When you surface, do not open the
housing immediately. Dry it off thoroughly with a towel. Use a light
stream of compressed air to blow out any remaining water around the
o-ring. Open the housing and look at the paper towels. If any of the
control feed throughs are leaking, it will be obvious on the paper
towels. If the o-ring is leaking, again, the location of the leak will
be obvious.

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