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Or try the new Sanyo Eneelops with low self-discharge rate. However
are expensive and require a new charger, too.

Do you have a reference for "requiring a new charger"? I've been using
standard "1-hour" NiMH charger for the last several months with no

Hmmm, good to know. I didn't have a NiMH charger and was certain that I
couldn't use my old NiCd-charger, so I had to get a new one with the


Yes, NiCd and NiMH /do/ require different chargers.


No, it all depends on their mAh output. If the NiCd is charging at a 200
mAh rate or less, then there's no need to get a new charger if all you have
is an ancient NiCd charger. Yes, it will take longer than the amperage that
more modern NiMH chargers put out and charge the batteries more quickly,
but a constant 200 mAh charge on NiMH batteries will not harm them.

Many NiMH chargers keep a sustained 150mAh charge on batteries after their
initial full charge to circumvent their internal draining resistance
(self-discharge rate).

I'm amazed at the amount of ignorance being displayed by self-appointed
"pros" in this newsgroup.