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Default Using 2GB SD-Card with 1GB capable Camera.

"Dave Cohen" wrote in message
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Bright Spark wrote:
"Dave Cohen" wrote in message
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I've got a question. I've got a ricoh capilo r660 camera (

and a 2GB SD card.

The specs on the camera say that it can handle SD cards up to 1GB. I
would like to know if I can use the 2GB card anyway, even if I'm only
able to store 1GB of pictures on the card and leave the rest unused.
(I've got the SD card here, but not the camera, so I can't try it out)

Any help is appreciated.


Will since you have both the card and the camera, why not put the card
the camera, see if it formats then take lots of shots. You'll then know
better than us and can report back.
Dave Cohen

Why not try reading his post again? He doesn't have the camera!!

Well, I read both posts again and noticed I made a typo in the first word.
I also see the phrase 'I've got a ricoh capilo r660 camera'. He also
informs us he has a 2gb card. What I don't see is an answer to his
question in your post.
Dave Cohen

Where's the answer in your post? At least he can read.