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Default Using 2GB SD-Card with 1GB capable Camera.

On Sep 12, 3:13 pm, wrote:

I've got a question. I've got a ricoh capilo r660 camera (

and a 2GB SD card.

The specs on the camera say that it can handle SD cards up to 1GB. I
would like to know if I can use the 2GB card anyway, even if I'm only
able to store 1GB of pictures on the card and leave the rest unused.
(I've got the SD card here, but not the camera, so I can't try it out)

It might well work superficially but bite you in the backside later.
My Pentax istDS with v1.00 firmware did this with a 2GB card - it even
displayed the right number of images available on the media.
Unfortunately it stopped saving images to the media when the first 1GB
of the drive was used up and silently flashed up an error message on
the rear LCD screen. Not something you are likely to notice with an
SLR camera for a while.

Some fairly important shots were not saved as a result (by Murphy's

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