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"Stacey" wrote in message
Got one of these on the way and looking for feedback from people who
have used one. I had a GSW6X9 and while it's 65mm lens was amazing,
I found the perspective too wide for everyday use. I hope this camera
has a lens as good as the 6X9 did and thought having a meter built in and
the FOV a 60mm lens has on this format would make for a good
travel/all purpose MF camera.

I like mine a lot, and it is the MF camera I take when I have room for no
other. The lens is perhaps not _quite_ up with the Fuji 6x9s, but it is
very close: this is one of the cameras where I can take a sheet of slides to
the guy who does my drum scanning and he'll be muttering "Mmmm, sharp..." as
he peers at them through his 12x loupe.

The 60mm lens gives a nice perspective, and is a very useful angle for city
scenes. The meter is pretty good too - as averaging meters go - and
cetainly is a useful thing for quick snaps. It's also one of the simplest
roll film cameras to load that I know - perhaps only a Rolleiflex is easier.

I got a Fuji soft case for mine. It is far from being an "ever ready" case,
but it is very light and offers useful protection against dust, scratches,
etc. Also stops the camera looking quite so like something someone would
want to try to run off with.

I think my only real complaint is that the Fuji original lens-cap doesn't
feel as secure as it should, but I've only lost one cap for it so far.
Presumably you know about the way the shutter works for long exposures: some
people find that a nuisance, but since anyhting long enough to need it is
done on a tripod anyway, I don't find it a major issue, just a quirk.

The GS645 with its 75mm lens is also very nice, and is more compact.
However, the bellows on these are not very good, and on a majority of used
examples they seem to need replacing. Subject to that though, it's another
excellent travel camera with a slightly narrower AoV.