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Default What is Kodak 200-8 film?

On 2012.09.20 13:43 , D.M. Procida wrote:
Alan Browne wrote:

On 2012.09.16 04:48 , D.M. Procida wrote:
Alan Browne wrote:

On 2012.09.15 16:01 , D.M. Procida wrote:
I have some negatives; I thought they were shot on Kodak Gold, but the
negatives say "Kodak 200-8", and it could be ColorPlus.

I've found other references that make it = Kodak Gold 200.

So, there is indeed some mystery about this film.

Not really.

Perhaps you should make up your mind then, because you seem not at all

Perhaps you should read the articles revealed by the prior Google Search.

To make it clear enough for you, 200-8 is sold as Kodak Gold. But that
line also seemed to have other consumer labels like ColorPlus. I have
some Gold here and the markings are similar (100-4 and so on).

Ambiguous compared to their higher end films (E100G, 160VC etc).

Suffice it to say that it's ordinary, consumer color negative film and
should be no real issue to get right in VueScan (etc.) with a bit of

Did you re-scan as I suggested?

No, I did as Noons suggested, which was more useful and less blustery.

So you did re-scan.

I had to go look in GG - his suggestion is no different in the end than
what I suggested - except that I added the recollection of that film
tending to blue and/or green.

What did you find in terms of needed corrections? Just curious.

As to his claim that I don't shoot film - he's just spouting off with
his typical abrasive ignorance.

I shoot and scan 35mm and MF (6x6) color slide and positive regularly
(much less in the last couple years to be sure). I haven't done any B&W
in a while though.

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