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Default The case for "Kaizen", following Fujifilm's Example

On 2018-01-12 19:34, Savageduck wrote:
It has been three years since I made my move from Nikon to Fujifilm, and I
have become an unashamed fan. One of the reasons has been the Fujifilm
philosophy of “Kaizen”, or providing firmware updates/upgrades to improve
existing, and even discontinued models. I have benefitted from several
firmware updates/upgrades to my X-E2, and X-T2 which seemed to perform like
new cameras.

Three years after buying my first X-Series camera I now own three, the X-E2,
X-T2, and an X-E3, along with 6 Fujinon lenses, and I couldn’t be happier.
Though there are at least three other lenses I have my eye on.
G.A.S. is a terrible afliction. ;-)

I would add that I haven’t used my D300S for over a year now, and the only
piece of my Nikon kit I use today is my Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 with a
Nikon-to-Fujifilm adaptor.

Now there is this article from Fstoppers which supports my remarks above, and
asks why other camera manufacturers do not follow a similar philosophy, but
choose to release new models at higher prices, when a firmware update would
have done the same thing.

It's a fine idea and late in coming to cameras. That said, I did F/W
updates to at least one Sony DSLR at some point to address a focus
issue. But they haven't pushed out product improvements (new features)
that way to my knowledge.

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