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Default Best of both worlds? MF CMOS sensor from Hasselblad

In article , Neil Ellwood wrote:


Officially launched now, worlds first CMOS medium format sensor.

50 MP Up to ISO 6400, unprecedented in digital MF 14 stops of
dynamic range Up to 12 minutes of exposure 1.5 fps 32.9 x 43.8mm
sensor - 171% of FF, 62% of MF 16 bit color depth

Same price as the H5D-50 (i.e. super expensive).

Not even as large as 16 on 120 film. Is this a Hasselblad joke?

Huh? What do you mean? The H5D-50C sensor is 62% of 120 film. Their 60 MP
sensor's are 53.7x40.2mm, which is still "only" 93% of MF.

Leaf has a 53.7x40.4mm sensor, same as Phase One. But that's really the
absolute top of the line, no one is making a full format MF sensor.

The H5D-50 back from Hasselblad isn't considered a "joke" by any
photographer... ever.