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Default Make 12x18" signs at home on 8.5x11" B&W laser printer

On Sat, 13 Jan 2018 13:38:23 -0500, "Mayayana"

"Eco Clean" wrote

| Anyways, I don't have Paint Shop Pro, but I have Irfanview.

You should be able to get PSP5 he

I just downloaded and tried starting the installer.
It worked fine. I bought PSP5 for $100 many years
ago. Since then I've bought PSP16. Unfortunately,
the latter is bloated and clunky. Overproduced.
I still use 5 for basic things. The versions online
seem to be perfectly legal. In fact, at one point
Jasc was giving older versions away with things
like routers, before Corel bought them out.

IrfanView is very good and solid but it lacks
one critical thing: A work window where you can
wortk on multiple images , paste layers, have
multiple undo, etc. IV might be able to cut up
the image, but it's worth having PSP or a similar

BMP is best. JPG loses data. GIF is 256 colors,
so it might dither.

| Maybe 100 ppi? Using that as an example, you
| would then resize to 1200 x 1800 pixels.
| That's the kind of math I was seaking!

You just have to match it up to the printer. For
instance, a typical photo should be printed at
least 300 dpi.

Not on the 'photo' Epsons. They use 360 dpi. It pays to check the dpi
of the printer you plan to use.

That means to get a 5x7 print you
need 1500x2100 pixels. It doesn't matter what size
the image is and what dpi the printer is set for.
You just need to coordinate the two so that it
will print the size you intend. 300 dpi will give you
nicer edges on letters, but I guess that probably
doesn't matter much.

| The plan is to print to 8.5x11 paper and thentape it all together, and
| put thin sheets of clear 8.5x11 plastic sheets taped together underneath,
| and then cut out the "stencil" with an Exacto knife and then spray the
| signs.
Makes sense.

| Yes. A few dozen. It's really a joke for an eccentric neighbor's 80th
| birthday, where we plan on having someone take her to see a movie while we
| erect signs all over her yard based on her oddities.
You're very generous with your time. How do
you feel about yard work?



Eric Stevens