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Default Are my photos good enough for me to turn professional?

On Oct 11, 12:38 am, Randall Ainsworth
In article ,

Got anything encouraging to say?

You want nice instead of truth? Better the guy learns now that he's not
ready than after he invests a lot of money and the marketplace tells

Thanks to both of you. I asked a direct question and Randall
responded. I understand where he is coming from.

Have any of you tried this method of sales?
I've seen scenarios where the photographer creates his or her own web
site, sets up a shopping cart where the customer selects the photo,
its size, the matte, and a frame, pays with a credit card or Paypal,
and a 3rd party company does the printing on archival paper, does the
assembly, and the shipping. There's minimal overhead for me by not
having to maintain any inventory at home. At least with this method,
if I can market the site correctly, I'd know if there was interest in
the photos or not. Also, I could keep my day job which right now
sounds like is a pretty good idea.

I also wonder if any of you have had success selling in the stock
photo market? I heard they take up to a 65% split with the assumption
that 35% of something is better than 100% of nothing.

Thanks again for your responses. -Michael