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Default Digital Photo Frames for refrigirators??

John A. wrote:
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On Sun, 21 Dec 2008 09:49:19 -0700, Bob Hatch wrote:
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I am looking for Digital Photo Frames (5x7) that can be put on the
refrigerator in the kitchen. The ony ones that I found were too
small or integrated into the refrigerator.

Could you please let me know if anyone is aware of this type of
Buy the frame you want, then go to Wal-Mart or any crafts store and
buy a roll of adhesive backed magnetic tape. Apply the tape to the
back of the frame, and put it on the fridge door.
Checking first to see the your refrigerator is not made from
aluminum or plastic....

Elsewise: Plan B.

I use commercial grade Velcro to hang pictures, up to 16x20 with small
frame, on the walls of my motor home. Some have been there for 50,000 miles
over all kinds of roads.

I use the magnetic tape to attach carpet to the outside steps of the motor
home. I do add hot glue to the tape, but I leave the carpets on the steps
when driving. I've never lost one. They wear out in about 2 years, and I
remove the magnetic tape and put them on the back of new carpet.

Either would work, but the magnetic tape will be easy to take down and clean
the fridge door, it the door is a metal that will hold the magnet. If you're
worried about the adhesive giving way, just tack the magnet down with hot
glue or a bit of gorilla glue.

We have an employee with some of those fancy stainless steel
appliances. She says magnets don't stick.

If a magnet doesn't stick to it, then it is NOT really stainless steel.
More likely brushed aluminum.