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Default Canon AE-1 Program Lens Stuck

In Don McC wrote:
Thanks, but the whole lens body turns with the ring on this lens.
Wikipedia informs me that this is the "New FD" mount, but should
still work with the AE-1 (as it did before it got stuck).

I realize I'm a little late with this reply, but sometimes the simple
answer is the correct one. The new FD lens differs from the old
lens in that the new FD has a button on the lens ring that must
be depressed to remove the lens. You probably know this,
but still...

Thanks. I do have a Canon lens with such a button, but this one
is without one. The only button is one on the appature ring
which has to be pressed before moving the appature control
to automatic mode. In case I'm loosing it I just gave it a try,
but it doesn't help.

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