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Default Canon AE-1 Program Lens Stuck

On 17/06/2017 2:09 @wiz, Computer Nerd Kev wrote:
I know these aren't the most active of newsgroups, but perhaps
worth a try...

About a year (or was that two...) ago, my Korean made "Kalimar"
zoom lens became stuck on my Canon AE-1 Program. It had always
been difficult to get on (not off) since I bought it second-hand
a few years earlier. This last time though, upon removal I was
only able to rotate the lens ring some of the way before it became
stuck in a loose state where it wouldn't rotate back to the
"locked-in" position, or allow the lens to be removed.

So far I've tried undoing a few of the screws on the lens around the
comera end, but they didn't offer any improved access, and in final
desperation I tried brute force applied from various angles, but no
change resulted (except for an unfortunate dent). I had a look
through two service manuals on the web for the AE-1 Program, but
they didn't inspire any further ideas.

Luckily I had another AE-1 (non-program) which I've switched now
instead. But it's a frustrating way to loose a camera, so any
suggestions on how to bring the "Program" off the shelf and back
into service would be appreciated.

Are you in Sydney, Australia?
If so, take the lot to Camera Service Centre in the CBD,
here is their website and location/phone:

Over the last 10 years they have been second to none in fixing all my
lenses and cameras, at a very good price and superb quality of work.