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Hello all,

I currently have a Minolta SRT-201, with a Rokkor 50 mm, a Tokina 28 mm,
a Rokkor 135 mm. This equipment has been satisfying my photo-taking needs
for the past 2 years, but am now seriously considering switching to
Autofocus equipment.

I have pretty much decided i was going to go for a Nikon N80.

Why not stick with Minolta? I'm not familiar enough with their older stuff
to know whether your lenses would work with a newish Dynax, but I suspect
they might.
beg please don't become one of the hordes who believe that the only decent
camera's are made by Nikon or Canon /beg

My questions relates to the choice of lenses i would like to get. On eBay
(which is for sure the place i'm going to purchase all this stuff), I was
thinking of getting myself the following set:
- 28-100 mm Nikkor + 70-300 mm Nikkor (see 536&rd=1
to see what lenses i'm talking about)
- 17-35 mm Sigma f/2.8-4 (i'm pretty sure about this one)

How to choose my 28-80 or -100 and 70-300 mm lens??? Are the above lenses
any good?
I've been warned to stay away from kit lenses. Are these kit lenses?

There's nothing wrong with kit lenses, it's just that you can get better

Any thoughs on the 17-35? I've seen amazing photos taken with this camera.

I just want something to supplant my old MF equipment, with lenses that
yield equal or better results than my actual MF lenses, and that will
eventually be transferrable to digital equipment.

Any thoughts?