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Default Suitable tripod for Pentax 6x7

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On Sunday, April 15, 2007 12:52:53 PM UTC-4, Christopher Tidy wrote:
Hi folks,

I'm thinking of moving into medium format photography when money
allows. Currently I shoot 35 mm with a Nikkormat FT3, which I love,
but there are times when I would like better resolution for my best

I use a Manfrotto 190B tripod with the 168 ball head. Do people think
this tripod is sturdy enough to carry a Pentax 6x7? The reason I ask

Yes, it is.

I use the Manfrotto 190XB legs with a Manfrotto gear head (the 410) with a Pentax 6x7 and a Mamiya 645 Pro TL. Works lovely, though the head is quite heavy.

Despite these legs being "borderline" for awkwardly shaped medium format cameras like the 6x7, a very solid (and heavy) head (particularly one as well matched as the 410, or say a RRS 55 if you go for ball heads) will bring the legs up a full class. Noticeably.

The Pentax 6x7 will also work well on the 190 legs with an Arca Swiss P0 ball head (this is a surprisingly lightweight and rigid support system, and superb for carrying in the mountains).

Yes! 6x7 is a 'Go' on these legs, but I would recommend a stronger head and the excellent Kirk L bracket to get the 6x7 on its side for portrait orientations. Weight is always a consideration.

The legs and head work together as a system! Never more true than with these legs. It takes a lot of money to get much better rigidity and a little less weight than the 190. Very simple, effective and smart path.

I concur. I use my Manfrotto tripod #144 with a #056 3D Junior Camera
Head ( The #144 tripod
is similar to the 190B version. I am 1.93 m tall, and fortunately the
tripod gives me the height i need.

My Pentax 6x6 and 645 cameras have an anti-twist hole 3cm away from the
1/4" threaded mounting screw hole. The 6x7 is heavy with a long lens
(like a 165f2.8 for portraits). They tend to twist a bit in portrait
orientation, so i have looked at getting a Manfrotto quick release with
a plate that provides the correct pin that engages with the anti-twist
hole in the camera body. A Kirk "L" bracket work work as well.

Regards / John

JCHStudio AT shaw DOT ca