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Default Sony/Minolta Club website

It is now over a year since what used to be the Minolta Club of Great
Britain ceased to exist officially. We have survived, and published a
full year's worth of four magazine editions, without the former support
of Konica Minolta or new support from Sony.

I've spent the last week revising the club's website, giving it an
entirely new structure with added articles and resources, and a forum.
The website and forum are free for anyone to visit and join.
Suscriptions to the magazine are offered through the site, but we also
provide complete printing resolution PDF files for all recent back
issues (since the Sony Alpha launch) which can be downloaded free. Each
of these is a full 36-page magazine.

The web address is:

The new site is built using blogging software, which makes it very easy
for me to add short articles regularly if not on a daily basis. I will
be reworking many of the articles from earlier magazines into HTML for
the site, and every week should see further material appear.

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