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Default What's left in the freezer?

On 1/16/2011 12:01 PM, Alan Browne wrote:

My inventory:

110 -- Some ancient Polaroid branded bulk ISO 200 stuff.
APS -- 7 cartridges of Fuji 100.
35mm -- 2 rolls each of Tech Pan and Agfa APX 100, about 8
rolls of 160S, a couple of rolls of Velveeta 100,
and about 100' of Fuji Eterna 500T.
120 -- A bunch of useless old film that was donated to me
and is heading to a silver recycler, and a couple of
rolls each of Delta 100 and Velveeta 100.
70mm -- 40' of Tech Pan, 100' of VPS (silver recycler), and
about 100' of Agfa Aero film.
4x5 -- A few sheets each of Astia and Delta 100.

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