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Default Trying to identify a lens

On Mon, 25 Apr 2011 12:16:42 -0700, Cheesehead wrote:

No company name, but a serial number that begins with "No TT" followed
by 6 digits.
Brass construction, but painted of course. "Anastigmat", "14 inch", and
"f/5.6" is the only text on the bezel. Aperture ring goes to 16 and also
includes "Patented". But nothing else.

Here it is:

You mentioned later you thought it was a Dallmeyer. I doubt it. If it
were a "name brand" lens, don't you think the manufacturer's name would
be prominently displayed?

I think this is an old process lens due to the fact it only stops down to
f16--you don't need lots of depth of field when photographing flat art--
and has no shutter. It probably came as a package lens, maybe, part of a
set of lenses, with a process camera. No manufacturer's name is on the
lens since the name was on the camera. I've seen this before with old
process cameras. I doubt the camera maker made the lens. Most likely
contracted it out.

It would help if the lens element configuration and/or image circle were
known. From your photo, it's appears uncoated. So, pre-1950 for sure.
Since the barrel appears factory black finished . . . I'm going to
guess, it's from the 1930s or 40s. It seems too "modern" to be older.

Good luck in your search.