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Default Picking Lice With The 70-200 VR2!!

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"tony cooper" wrote:

On Thu, 05 Aug 2010 11:05:52 -0500, George Kerby

Here I am in a skin at Sting Ray City in the Caymans:
Note the "Dilbert's boss's hair".

Thanks for the info, Tony!

Sorry that this lead into a trollfeeding session :-(

BTW: Are those prescription lenses built into your mask? When I started, I
didn't need such, but now I would imagine it would help.

Yes. I sent the mask, and my prescription, off to a company that made
the lenses and glued them into the mask. Makes quite a difference.

You can buy masks with corrective lenses, but only standard plus/minus
corrections. My prescription is a bit different.

Gotcha. I can probably do that thru my local dive shop, I bet.