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Default Canon and Panasonic: updated models

On 28/05/10 1:52 AM, David J Taylor wrote:

Yes, many small-sensor cameras can produce adequate photos under good
lighting conditions, but many do not work well at higher ISO settings
(e.g. ISO 3200) and few have the wide-aperture lenses (e.g. f/1.8)
available to DSLRs. With the DSLR can can buy whatever lens quality you
wish to afford, with the ZLR you are stuck with what's provided.

Your needs, your money, your choice.

Many people simply don't care all that much about optimal image quality.
The ZLR is convenient, relatively inexpensive, and suits their needs.
One of my relatives is a Realtor. He needs a wide zoom range for photo
tours of houses. He needs video capability. But he doesn't care about
noise, he doesn't care about shutter/AF lag, and he definitely does not
want to carry around three lenses with him. An SX1 IS was perfect for
him. Of course he has a D-SLR as well for times with image quality _is_
the most important factor.