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Default Oh dear, Stacey....have those good vibrations stopped?

On Mon, 12 Dec 2005 01:39:17 -0000, "lens crack"

Seems this fellow just can't seem to keep anything clean.
I'd look into the environment he keeps his camera in.


Guys, I'm having a hard time cleaning the focusing screen on my E1.
I've tried a blower but it just messed it up. I tried removing it,
wiped it with Eclipse and pec pads, but I can't seem to make it look
perfect. I've also tried using a microfiber cloth. Any suggestions?

I have a question: when I removed the focusing screen I noticed
there's a glass on top of the focusing screen, right beneath the prism
hump. Does this glass serve any purpose, because it's kind of dusty on
my camera. On the other hand, the dust on the glass doesn't seem to
show up with the focusing screen in place.
Okay, I promise to post some photos next time. =B)