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Default Oh dear, Stacey....have those good vibrations stopped?

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Stacey wrote:
G.T. wrote:

Stacey wrote:
lens crack wrote:

Some guy buys a store demo and is shocked the camera is full of
dust? How many months/years has it been on the shelf?

Didn't it have a freakin' body cap or lens on it?

Who knows? You really believe a salesperson at a store would worry
about it? We have no idea how this camera was handled do we? It could
easily be a 2 year old sample that has sat months at a time with no
cap or lens..

There is no reason to believe a SENSOR will be highly prone to dust from
sitting on a camera store's shelf display.

Depends on Where and How it is displayed..

One camera shop I visit has the cameras right out front on the counter
where they can be handled.

When a novice or NON DSLR user comes in the FIRST thing they do is
figure how to remove the lens and look inside.

The shop owner doesnt mind, he has put them out for that reason, so they
can be handled, and looked at (and into). He only speaks up if he sees a
finger go into the hole!

Keep in mind also that the camera in question was a "DEMO" not a
"DISPLAY".. there is a more than a subtle difference.

Larry Lynch
Mystic, Ct.