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LittleHobo wrote:
I've been looking at two Fujifilm cameras and would like to know the
pros/cons of them or just general opinions. The two cameras are the
E510 and the S5100. Both look good to me but I can't pick one over
the other. Please help

Why did you stuck at fuji's? What's your max price, needs etc...big zoom,
manual settings?
I'm quite happy with mine Canon S1 IS. If you're about big zoom, consider
Image Stabilzation (IS), since without it, that big zoom is useless from
hand. Also forget digital zoom, since it's useless. Pixels...if you have no
intention of making biiig photos, it's useless to have anything above 3 or
4M - it just takes more space on the card, and so you need bigger (read more
expensive) one.
And try to find and read some reviews about both cameras and see it's up and
down sides, like noise level, distortion, ease of use etc.
I hear that at Fuji you can't really trun off digital zoom ,which can be
pain in the ass, since you'll shoot some pics and at home figure out that
digital zoom has been used and so pics are very low quality...