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Joseph Meehan
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LittleHobo wrote:
I decided on these two cameras because the store I would likely buy the
camera from stocks only Fujifilm and sony cameras. I really don't like the
design of most Sony cameras, I think they look silly . I don't know if
they can get other brands or not. My max price is about 400us give or take

I've been wanting a camera for a while to take pictures of outings,
etc. but also for those perfect landscapes that you see sometimes.Which is
good point for the S5100 with the 10x optical zoom.

Most zoom lenses, especially the long zooms like 10x tend to be very
telephoto but not very wide. It is the wide angle end that is most useful
for landscapes. The 37mm equivalent at the wide angle setting of the S5100
is not exactly wide and would not be a good choice for landscapes. I
suggest something closer to 24-28 mm as a good choice. That extra 9-13mm
makes a world of difference. The wide angle end would be enough by itself
to cause me to go for the E510.

I have held off on buying a good digital until last month due to the
lack of two factors, wide angle and fast shutter reaction at a price I
wanted to spend (a little more than your target price). I got the Canon
20D. It is also larger and heavier than you would likely want but it has a
very short shutter delay and has wide-angle capability equivalent to a 16mm
lens on a 35mm camera.

Also a really good
'close up' camera would be nice to take pictures of flowers, and other
detailed shots. Which is one of the features I liked about the E510 it has
"Super Macro" mode which can take a picture as close as 1" away with very
nice detail (look at the picture of the nickle on

The S5100 will focus to 4" which is close enough for almost any close-up
you are going to want to do.

review of it). Lastly once in a blue moon I list an item or two on ebay
would like to be able to show what it is I'm selling, but most any digital
camera would be good enough for that.

True, considering most do OK on close-ups.

Thanks for the help!

Joseph E. Meehan

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