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Joseph Meehan
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LittleHobo wrote:
I've been looking at two Fujifilm cameras and would like to know the
pros/cons of them or just general opinions. The two cameras are the E510
the S5100. Both look good to me but I can't pick one over the other.

Tell us more about you. Why are you buying a camera? What kind of
photography are you hoping to do?

There are lots of good cameras, that would be bad choices. The more we
know about you and what you want to do, the better we can make suggestions.

I will make one suggestion that should hold true for any camera. Pick
on up and hold it in your hands, see how it feels; move the controls; look
thought the lens; take a picture or two. You want to know it feels right to
you and that things like the delay between pressing the shutter and when it
actually takes the image is acceptable to you.

Joseph E. Meehan

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