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Default Ghosting Problem

On 4 Aug 2004 15:50:46 GMT, "Justin F. Knotzke"


This ghosting and complete white out appears to be happening because the
D-MAX of my film is being reached. Note that the arms of the rider in orange
appear where the tree nicely appears in the background.

Just so everyone knows, this isn't the effect I was going for. ;-) I was
hoping to get some rear curtain sync blur going but not having my subject's
face rubbed out..

If my assumption is correct, my thinking is that I need to decrease the
exposure by a stop or maybe more and then increase the flash output by a stop
or more.

Assuming this is all correct, is there a way I can figure out how many
stops I need to decreate exposure and increase flash exposure by?

I was thinking of maybe metering the sky, then metering the subject and
using the difference as my compensation factor..

Does that sound right?



The problem is the fact that you have, in effect, two exposures. I
don't know whether you're shooting digital or slide or negative but
with positives the area of the sky is so overexposed there is no data
left anyway. Your flash exposure seems good and your ambient
exposure, at least for the street and trees is already underexposed.
Can you change your camera height? If you shot slightly down you
would have perfect results. Or change your point of aim so there is a
darker background behind your subjects. The lighter your background
is the more pronounced the ghosting effect will be.