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Bill Tuthill
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Default Kodak discontinues T400CN and Portra 400UC, 400BW; introduces Ultra Color 100, 400, and BW400CN; improves Porta 800

Peter Lawrence wrote:

At the PMA today, Kodak announced changes to its professional color
and black & white negative film product lines:

Here's a link to Kodak's press release:

It might be more accurate to say "Kodak discontinues Portra 400BW"
because both T400CN and 400BW are being replaced by BW400CN.

Ultra Color 400 might be a simple repackaging of Portra 400UC, or
it might not. Datasheet PGI has increased from 40 to 42.

Hopefully new Ultra Color 100 will provide a nice replacement for
Royal Gold 100 and Supra 100. Too soon to tell.

Portra 800 is the fourth new or revised pro film. Kodak had said
there would be 4 pro films announced at PMA.