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[email protected] January 10th 14 12:20 PM

Fuji GS645S repair manual
On Monday, October 2, 2000 5:06:21 PM UTC-7, Willem Falhaber wrote:
Hello all,

I have a Fuji GS645S with a rangefinder mechanism that gets stuck most of the
time, when I focus nothing happens in the viewer, and after some turns on the
lens distance-dial it comes free (the mechanism)and jumps in place.This makes
it very hard to focus.
My question is, does anybody know where to find an online repair manual for
this camera, or at least instructions for the correct way of opening the
camera, so that I can
take it from there and try to smooth this out? I suspect that it is in itself
a minor problem.

Thanks and regards,

Willem Falhaber
Rotterdam, Holland

Are you still looking for one? i got one recently he 4.m1439.l2649

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