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Don B[_2_] June 7th 09 12:09 PM

Anyone remembers those old soft and hard camera cases?
Mr. Strat wrote:
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In the old film cameras era, I recall that when you purchase an SLR
camera, it usually comes with a soft or a hard (leather) case. The
case is attached to the camera via a screw to the tripod mount at the
bottom of the camera. I wonder why they do not have any more of this
type of camera case? Since it is attached like a "skin" to the
camera, I usually did not need to buy a camera soft pouch case. The
case will protect the camera outer shell from dust, and perhaps little
bumps; although it will not likely help to reduce impact if the camera
falls. On a second thought, I also wonder if the new padded camera
cases that you can get at the camera stores nowadays can protect the
camera if it falls either. Anyone has some thought about this?

I still have a Nikkormat ftn in the drawer that cane with that type case.

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