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David Mendelsohn November 15th 08 02:06 PM

Beseler 810 V-XL Cold Light Enlarger
Sweet enlarger for the serious large format user. Incredibly sturdy and in mint shape. Will shoot all formats from 35mm up to 8x10 but bought it for the latter. Two bases, the original 24 x 30 " and the optional 31 x 36 " . The head can also be turned 90 degrees to shoot against the wall, though I've never needed to do this. All instruction manuals. All film carriers including the 8x10 and all Kodak 300 x 350 mm Acetate Gels for VC. They slip below the light source but above the lens and neg in it's own drawer. Read about " cold light " for it's advantages. Transformer/stabilizer for head and a digital Graylab timer. All instruction manuals. If you Google around, you will find this to be a great piece of gear at a very good price.

1200 Bucks
Would rather not ship, but can do. Shipping will be at cost but done by
professionals. We live near Portsmouth NH., one hour north of Boston. FedX Ground seems to be quicker and cheaper than UPS.

Also have four mounted lenses for a package price. To be clear, they don't come w/ the enlarger . If you want them, add 250 bucks to the price.
Fujinon 135 / 4.5 Bessler 240 / 9 El Nikkor 50 / 2.8 El Nikkor 80 / 2.8



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