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Helge Buddenborg February 21st 05 01:25 AM

Your calculations are off 1" = 1800 x 1.5" =2700 = approx 4.9 MegaPixels
"Paul J Gans" wrote in message
rafe bustin wrote:
On Tue, 08 Feb 2005 13:28:51 +0900, Stewy

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rafe bustin wrote:

On Mon, 07 Feb 2005 17:51:33 +0900, Stewy

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Gel wrote:

I have a large (1000+) amount of 35mm transparencies to scan to DVD
have been looking in Jessops ( UK ) at their brand (1800dpi) at
?100- Now,
would I be better off with a Minolta at ?2-300 more? Or would the
of the Jessops cheapie be sufficient?
I will also be using the scanner for 35mm film negative scanning,
this require the better quality scanner...

I bought the 1800i a couple of years back and have been very pleased
with the results. Scans result in a 8 megapixel image which is quite
adequate for printing.

Something's wrong with your math here.

1800 dpi can't get 8 megapixels from a
35 mm frame. A 35 mm frame is approx
1.5 square inches, which would be 4.86
Mpixels at 1800 dpi.

Whoops! You're right of course was thinking of 24mm x 36mm

Yes, that's 35 mm film. 1.5 square
inches is a very close approximation..
and makes it easy to get total pixels
from dpi.

Yup. I've just checked the arithmetic -- except that 1.5
inches square is a tad generous. I make it about 1.33 inches
square. But never mind, the point is well made.

----- Paul J. Gans

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