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Jean-David Beyer December 1st 13 10:49 AM

Zone VI Archival Print Washer Parts
On 11/30/2013 11:57 PM, Richard Knoppow wrote:
Mine is the 16x20 washer. Very heavy. I tested it using
beet juice to see how long it took for the red color to
clear. At normal flow rates, that is, no overflow, it took
too long so when I was using it regularly I put in the
bathtub and let it overflow.

I did not have beet juice, so I used a few drops of a potassium
permanganate solution. (You do want to wash that out after testing.)

At 1/2 gallon per minute for my smaller size washer, it does take quite
a while to clear the tank. But at some point you are wasting water. My
temperature regulating valve (Lawler) does not regulate below about 1/2
gallon per minute, and for my tank it will clear in less than an hour. I
would guess the 16x20 model would require 1 to 2 gallons per minute. But
I would be surprised that the overflow pipe on the washer would not keep
up with that. A friend who used to be a professional (wedding)
photographer had the 16x20 size and his did not overflow. Edna Bullock
(Wynn's wife) used his East Street washer and that worked for her. I do
not think it overflowed, but that was over 30 years ago and I do not
remember how it worked.

When I am processing photo prints, I rinse the prints for 5 minutes
after the second fixer, run them through a 2% sodium sulfite bath for a
minute or so, and into a washing sink that has water running through it
(holding). I then tone the prints in selenium toner. Then hypo clear
again and wash. So by the time they are go into the print washer, a lot
of the hypo and silver thiosulfate complexes have already been removed.

That hypo test reveals they are washed enough after an hour or so in the
print washer.

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