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Fred McKenzie February 18th 17 05:37 PM

Olympus SM Card in Write Protect Mode
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Alicia wrote:

I have a similar problem with my Olympus TG-3. A couple days ago, I inserted
the camera's SD card into my computer to copy pictures; then I put it back in
the camera. Today, when I turned on the camera, it claimed that the camera
was in write protect mode, even though I checked the card and the lock was
off. I have two identical SD cards: 64 GB SanDisk Extreme Plus cards with a
high write speed. The second card was in my Nikon D3300. I moved the Nikon
card into my Olympus, and now it doesn't say write protect (which suggested
that the card and not the camera was faulty). But when I put the Olympus
card in the D3300, it still took pictures too (which suggests that nothing is
broken). But when I tried switching the cards back to their original
cameras, the Olympus reported write protect again. I don't know what is
going on with my camera.


Try reformatting the "bad" SD card in the D3300, and see if it fixes the
problem in your TG-3.

I'm not familiar with the TG-3. Are you sure it is compatible with 64
GB SD cards? If it is an older model, it may not be able to use more
than a fraction of the card's capacity.


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