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Fred McKenzie September 10th 16 06:37 PM

Avoid cheap Canon (or any?) printers
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RichA wrote:

Hilarious. A printer that in this day and age can't print in HQ mode past
P.O.S. will only print in HQ mode on Glossy at 4x6 even though it's an 8.5x11
printer! Standard mode only for that size. Either they found out it was
glacially slow when printing 8.5x11 at HQ or the printer is too cheaply made
to do it.

error 4102

09-03-2015 03:32 PM

Using the canon PIXMA 2520 and want to print a photo on 8.5x11 glossy paper
but the printer keeps showing error 4102 [The media type and paper size are
not set correctly.]. And the printer only all allows 4x6 or 5x7 paper. Is
there a way to print on 8.5x11 photo paper anyway? I will try to do what I
can with the 5x7 option and let you know what happens. Thanks for your


That sounds more like a problem with your printer driver than with the

I have that problem printing photos to any printer from the iPad's
Photos App. It seems that 4" X 6" is all it will allow. Other
computers have no problem printing 8.5" X 11" photos to any of those

If you are working with an iPad or iPhone, take a look at other Apps
like PrintCentral and Print n Share. Canon also has a printing App.


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