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Chris H January 26th 09 07:52 AM

School Performance photography - can they do this?
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, Z-
Hello -
I photograph drama performances in our town for the local schools.

Where is "local" just down the road in Birmingham or somewhere foreign
like the USA? Laws vary from country to country

The school system has given me permission to post these images and
offer them for sale to the students and families involved. Nobody is
supposed to be allowed a camera/video device in the theater during
performance. However, we know that this does not occur.. I hear and
see snapping during the entire performance. Recently, a person has
taken the photographs and offered them 'for sale' on the Internet.
This has offended me and the school system involved. Can they do
this? It makes me think that if this is the case I'll go to a wedding
and photograph and offer the photos for sale to the bride and groom
for less than the official photographer.. (never would-kidding) I
follow a rule of ethics... ;)
Regards Z

Where I am the school is private property and as the owner they can
permit or deny any photography they choose. So if you have an exclusive
deal then the other person can not take photos and sell them.

Practically speaking it is far easier to stop them taking photos at the
time than try and stop them selling after the event.

However if it was not explicitly an exclusive deal than AFAIK there is
nothing you can do about it
\/\/\/\/\ Chris Hills Staffs England /\/\/\/\/

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