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PeterN[_7_] January 24th 18 09:51 PM

CC 2018 19.1.0 AI Select Subject Ruins Things
On 1/23/2018 11:38 PM, Tony Cooper wrote:
Yeah. Ruins it for those of us who have worked hard to acquire some
skills at selecting a subject the old way. We used to be able to
create a selection with the precision that the less-skilled user
couldn't. Now, it's dead simple for anyone.

I just updated to the new version and gave Select Subject a run in a
couple of images. It is damned near a one-click procedure. I tried
on a good photograph of a group of people, but with a very complex
background. Almost perfect.

A few places to touch up after OKing it and going to Select and Mask.
Where the figures in the group overlap in part, the area between them
where they don't overlap might need revising.

I also used it on a close-up of a grandson who was wearing a
sweatshirt with two very strong colors (dark blue and yellow) and it
only selected one part of the sweatshirt. It included the blue but
thought the yellow was background. Again, easy to fix with the plus

I even tried on that restoration image I did for David B. Since
that's a sepia image, the process couldn't find the edges for about
50% of the figure. It needs demarcation to find the edge. Still, I
could extract the figure after a little fiddling around.

Usually, when I work with a complicated* selection, I do a loose
selection, and then use my Wacom tablet and zoom way in using a Layer
Mask to add/remove. I find that to be a quicker way than dicking
around adding/removing with the Quick Selection to.

Using Select Subject I can make the same selection using a mouse and
not zooming in. I just pick up the Wacom pen for the minor clean-up.

*By "complicated" I mean extracting a figure where the background is
multi-colored and contains the same or similar colors as in the
figure. The Quick Selection tool has trouble with this.

I was a late-comer to Adobe's Subscription program, but I paid $9.99
last month, and will pay $9.99 this month and I have an upgrade that I
consider to be a major advantage. I was just notified of my
anniversary of signing up, and the rate remains the same.

As you know, here are multiple ways of doing many tasks in PS. PS is not
without bugs. Do the task the way that makes you more comfortable. If
the bug is bad, I call support, after checking the forums.

One that really bothers me is the refine edge brush, in select and mask.
When I use it to clean up an edge, a previously cleaned edge needs cleaning.


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