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kevin July 3rd 04 08:34 PM

Forum use: Hints & Tips
Just a couple of (possibly!) helpful tips when using this forum.

Subscriptions & notifications
These newsgroups have many hundreds of posts per day. It can hard to find the thread that you were interested in yesterday because of todays posts.

You need to be a registered user to do this (registration is free). Near the top of the thread you will see a 'Thread Tools' button. Click this and you get a drop down menu, one of the options is 'Subscribe to this Thread'. Click this and you get some options as to how you wish to subscribe.

I suggest either 'No Email notification' or 'Daily Email Notification'. If you choose 'No Email Notification', next time you visit the forum, click 'User CP' near the top left of the page and you will see all your threads you have subscribed to.

If you choose 'Instant Email Notification', it does exactly what it says. Keep in mind that a popular thread can have several hundred posts. This is capable of choking your inbox :eek:

You can manage all your subscription threads by going to 'User CP' near the top left of every page.

Display Modes
It's easy following a thread that only has 50 posts in it. Each post is displayed in order, one behind the other and it's a fairly simple job to keep up.

Threads that have posts higher than this can get a little trickier. Try changing the display mode to 'Hybrid' or 'Threaded'. (The button you are looking for is marked 'Display Modes' and is near the top right of the thread). This opens up a box which shows the structure of the thread and makes it easier to follow different 'branches' of a discussion, in a similar way to a newsreader.

Similar Threads
When you have a read a thread that almost-has-your-solution-but-not-quite, check at the very bottom of the page for the 'Similar Threads' box. Here you will see some more threads that will be along a similar theme to the one you have just read.

Previewing threads
When you are looking at a forum with all the titles of the threads, you can hover over the title and it will give you a preview of what the thread is about (a real timesaver).

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