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Alejo De Achaval August 11th 20 05:46 AM

Jammed Nikonos III: Fix How?
Any luck? I have the same problem. To get it fixed with a specialist will cost me the same as the value of the camera...might attempt to fix myself with the Nikon's iii service manual. For what I've read and looked into the mechanisms blueprints, there's a very strong chance the spring has broken, reason why the shutter release does not pop out when pressing.

Any idea what it was in your case at the end?? would appreciate your input as it would be very helpful.

Kind regards,


On Friday, 29 January 1999 at 19:00:00 UTC+11, VKruger wrote:
I was recently given a Nikonos III with a jammed advance mechanism. The
winding/firing lever is stuck in the retracted position and the camera will
neither advance nor fire. Can anyone give me any pointers on how to fix it?

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