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Diesel[_3_] December 7th 19 06:19 AM

David - Did you get your picture?
Sat, 30 Nov 2019 15:43:43 GMT in, wrote:

This, I believe, was the source of the Torrent, Alan:-

Maybe you'd have better luck downloading it yourself.

Sadly, as an honest and upright UK citizen, I'm prevented from
visiting such sites by my ISP, BT.

I'm more than happy to provide you the image David.

Here's the md5sum hash if you ever need to confirm it's the same pic;
Several were released and the filenames may not be unique for each,
So it's best to go by the hash.

1928d39e509ef9328a3b0897b5b3bf18 *BoaterDave.jpg

It's right he
and newsgroup:alt.binaries.wallpaper
subject: P: David Brooks - boaterdave.jpg as requested

You may download at your leisure. Any other pictures inside HHI
releases that you want copies of, David?

You can also use a vpn, select that torrent, if you'd like, and it'll
also verify the hash I shared with you matches the one that would be
downloaded via the swarm if one still exists.

I have no way of knowing, because, despite that claim of yours, I
don't have any control whatsoever over the raidy account on the
piratebay. That's another, outright, ****ing lie, on your part.

I've been over this with you, many times before. What's offered on
piratebay isn't even the entire collection, and none of the members
of HHI have anything whatsoever to do with that account. HHI does not
release to the general public. I've already explained this, multiple
times. Eventually you'll "forget" again, and repeat your known
****ing lie. Dumb ****.

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David Brooks (BoaterDave)
Jersey Cottage 86 Granary Lane
Budleigh Salterton Devon EX9 6ER United Kingdom
Phone: 44-1395-443340 (H) 07974-193550 (M)
Email(s): ,

Cats must track kitty litter all over the apartment.

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